Global Breath Consciousness Institute - was the initial portal created to gather information and connections for the Self Management Institute and the Reverence for Life University

The Moods Channel - is where Desmond Green shares his simple, yet profound understanding about the importance of managing, or tracking, our moods since our feelings/emotions are our "emotional guidance system".

Self Management Institute - is where people are gathering to center themselves in their breath. Projects are currently underway in Jamaica and in the Quad Cities located along the Mississippi River between Iowa and Illinois.

Reverence for Life University - is our institutional home, creating a new platform for education based on the foundation of Conscious Deep Breath, community revitalization and individual empowerment.

Breathe Consciously has been developed in conjunction with:
Moods Channel :: Vision Excelerator :: Exogeny Network :: Web Antiphon
:: Rural Innovation Institute :: QC Collective

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