Breathe Consciously is for you!

Come discover the beauty, wonder and truth that your breath is your Source. Without first taking a breath, you cannot do anything. Don't believe it? Test the theory. Stop Breathing, then try to do something.

We are community of people who have come together to investigate, celebrate and play with the truth of our breath. Through our experience in the stage of life we are becoming aware through Breath Consciousness. The discovery that we are each, sovereign Beings standing in the Center of our creations - our lives. Moving from accusatory theologies to an affirmational basis for living, grounded in Consious Deep Breathing. Join us, as we allow that which supports us in totality, in absolute abundance and limitless potential to take us home to ourselves, which is where we have been whether we understood or believed this before.

Based on the work of Desmond Donald Green, beginning with The Practice:  a daily template for successful living and continuing with several other books, especially the newest book Trust You Breath.

We have been working on several projects/portals to assist people to discover that they don't need to look anymore to find themselves. You have arrived, you are here, you are your breath and when you ground yourself in Breath Consciousness you will discover the solutions and connections to Self Awareness. Here are some of the projects.

Global Breath Consciousness Institute

The Moods Channel

Self Management Institute

Reverence for Life University

Rural Innovation Institute

QC Collective - Quad Cities (Iowa/Illinois)

Eye Am Sharing

Experience Co-Evolution Group - is a tourism and community development consulting team - our expertise focuses on economic, social and environmental - utilizing the power of cooperatives, creativity, experiential education and technology.

HOME (Honoring Our Mother Earth) Communities and Network - OUR VISION for HOME Communities is: To create a network of communities that will utilize the best principles for social, economic and environmental viability – benefitting the community member´s individual personal and spiritual development in total harmony with the natural environment (Mother Earth, Gaia).

13LightMessages - the blog of Andy Skadberg

World Proclamation for Emancipation

Our People

Desmond Green is a Research Psychologist with over 35 years of experience. After graduate studies in Psychology, Philosophy and Theology he spent the next 25 years doing post graduate work with Prof. Ross Mooney of Ohio State University and Milton Senn M.D., Founder of the Yale Child Study Clinic.     More about Desmond

Dawn Vaz-Green is the co-inspiration for Breath Consciously. A prolific author and contributor to the foundations of all the projects rolling out from Breathe Consciously, Global Breath Consciousness Institute and Reverence for Life University. Dawn has written several books including "The Mouse and the Magician", "Who Listens to Their Big Sister", "A Quantum View of Self", Trust Your Journey", and others. More about Dawn

Andrew Neil Skadberg, Ph.D.'s professional career and experiences have involved many roles and responsibilities in rural economic development, environmental conservation and tourism. Over time, he has gained recognition as an expert on rural issues and solutions, the development of technology tools and the use of the Internet for the development of information and educational resources.     More about Andrew

Yvette Dubel
====> As you read this a space opens up for you to take your place in our expression of the circle of humanity. Even as you function as part of your organization, you are also its spark of humanity. Bring the flame of your vision, knowing something better is possible, to the center of the circle. Then take your place in the circle that is incomplete without you.   More about Yvette

Sarah Ford is the instigator of the Quad Cities chapter of the Self Management Institute. Dreamer, Visionary and Inspiration behind the QC Collective, a new cooperative business model supporting local artists and craftspeople share their creationsMore about Sarah

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